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Towson University Sports Writing students spent the semester creating content for the course website, which they voted to name Overtime TU.

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The 12 writers, each of whom has a landing page on the website, created sports blogs about niche topics of interest to them: superstitions, celebrations, athletes’ hairdos, fantasy sports, sports gambling, sports stadiumsPremier League soccer, unsung NCAA hoops heroes, the state of college baseball in Maryland, and women in sports media. Listen to podcasts in which we discuss their blog topics:

In addition to taping the podcasts, students each wrote several posts, including columns, rankings, mailbag questions, point-counterpoints and satire.

Students also pitched, researched and wrote enterprise stories on topics such as pit crews, eSports, social Media in recruiting, diversity in baseball and restless Philly fans (links below).

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Students included several multimedia elements in each piece, the best of which included maps, infographics, timelines and videos, one of which is shown below.


Overtime TU writers covered the Colonial Athletic Association championship game in Baltimore. Students previewed the tournament on Storify, live tweeted the game and wrote quick reactions after the nets had been cut.

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