Journalism Samples

My journalism career has taken me across the country, with reporting stints at (among other places) a major metropolitan daily newspaper, a national online news outlet and a regional nonprofit news startup.    

I have covered media, higher education, health, business, politics, sports, the environment and the artsI created and produced podcasts and started a blog aimed at young readers. Here are samples of my work.



Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 2.00.20 PM



Yahoo! Sports’ ThePostGame

Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism

American Journalism Review

  • Learning to Do It All (April 2012) Exploring the question: Do news organizations really expect recent college graduates to be jack-of-all-trades journalists?
  • Going Long About Sports (April 2012) What is the future of narrative, long-form sports writing on the web?
  • The Lonely Life of a Third-Party Candidate (November 2012) Third-party candidates rightly claim that most of the press ignores them. But what about the news outlets that don’t?

St. Louis Beacon (Now St. Louis Public Radio)

Inside Higher Ed 

  • Frozen at the Podium (January 2008) Public speaking is a scary proposition for college students, as this article shows.
  • YouTube Studies (September 2007) Profiling a college course that uses the web’s top video-sharing site as a teaching tool.
  • Elephant Not in the Room (May 2007) Empty seats in the classroom irk college professors across the country.

Los Angeles Times

  • Cooling Burnout (January 2004) With high school athletes, how much training and competition is too much?
LA Times - Cooling Burnout

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