The importance of teaching media production

As a Ph.D. student, I’m often asked about my research area of interest. By now I have my version of an elevator pitch ready to explain what news and media literacy means. I’ve found that one of the most effective ways of describing this area is by using the phrase “demand side.” Training future journalists is critical to ensure that there is a healthy supply of trustworthy news for generations to come. The other part of the equation is teaching the audience to appreciate quality content.

Thus, news and media literacy is about, among other things, creating a demand for good journalism and responsible media organizations. A critical component of media literacy in particular is teaching people how to become media producers. By producing media (video, audio, etc), the user learns about what it means to make editorial decisions and what tactics journalists and others use in their daily work.

Several years back, I created a WordPress site devoted to media production. I intended it to be a one-stop shop for teachers looking for ideas and resources. I’m including the link on this site, in part as a way to consolidate my work and also to kick off discussions about media production. Enjoy.


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