’s To-Do List:

As my previous post illustrates, is doing a lot right. Its web traffic is booming, both domestically and abroad. Readers stay on the site for a long time. is, in many ways, a model 21st-century news organization. The site embraces multiplatform journalism and encourages users to connect via their computers, tablets and phones…. Analytics

Let’s go behind the numbers in this blog post. What are’s analytics?, a provider of global web metrics, gives a 71 in global traffic rank. That means that there are 70 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than The site is given a 21 U.S. traffic rank. Even…

Assessing ESPN’s regional sites

Who exactly is’s competition ? For most of the site’s existence, the answer was pretty simple:, The Sporting News, and more recently Yahoo! Sports. These are the giants of national sports journalism. And that has long been’s calling card. More recently, however, has begun to compete with regional and local… Blog Heaven

Several years ago, took a gamble. Editors in Bristol, Conn., went all in on the bet that sports fans would come to their site not only to read prominent columnists and find out the latest sports scores, but also to follow bloggers (many of whom weren’t household names) who covered a range of sports….

Navigating — Take a Few Deep Breaths

Finding your way through the home page of can be like reading a big city subway map or trying to locate your favorite dish on a diner menu. It’s a sensory overload experience. seems to embrace the chaos, or at least believe that getting as much as possible on the front page of…

#ESPN and the (like me!) Social Media Landscape

ESPN, in many ways, is built for the social media age. Its bread and butter — the sports highlight — can be linked to, Tweeted, liked, blogged about and shared in many other ways.’s short articles, rankings, lists, blog posts and commentary pieces are also popular fodder for social media users. But not all…